Meet the Bunzy Family

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  • いちご Ichigo

    Hi, I'm Ichigo. Yes, it has the same meaning as a strawberry in Japanese. I love to draw at cafes and would love to share the joy on creating art through memes . I love making new friends and spending time outdoors.

  • いちろうIchiro

    Hi, I'm Ichiro, the first born son and to celebrate
    the new light of life. I want to spread to the world through positive words and encouragement. I love video games and anime. I think I have fallen in Love with someone at a cafe.

  • まるい Maru

    Bello I’m Maru! Named after another Bunny species found me on their planet! Never knew that there was another species in the Bunny Universe. I think i want to learn more about them and to find a way back to my planet.